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>“A Bug in the Bitcoin Software” - Tim Iacono - Iacono Research
The last cyrpto-currency chart I looked at showed 99 individual digital currencies with various capitilizations, Bitcoin being the highest. I certainly am in favor of any form of exchange competing with a government controlled one but this recent fraud is disturbing. With ALL of these currencies how does a buyer and seller do business or even agree on which to choose?

I would agree with Ron Paul, and I don't agree with him often, that the best currency is still the one jingling in your pocket -- gold and silver.

3209 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Bitcoin is having another rough day today after Mt. Gox, the biggest exchange for the digital currency, announced an indefinite extension on the withdrawal ban that it originally announced last Friday. Not surprisingly, the currency as measured in U.S. dollars has been struggling lately as shown in the Blockchain chart below and lower prices are likely ahead. A Reuters report noted the price dipped as low as $500 earlier today and that a Mt. Gox spokesman blamed “a bug in the bitcoin software” ... Read More
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