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>LBMA Silver “Price”: A Perfect Storm of Stupidity - Bron Suchecki - Perth Mint
I'd say that this was More than a Farce , 5,000 silver futures contracts within a minute or two !!!!!
( some charts indicate NO increase in Volume )
i'm sure others over the next few days will have plenty to say about Manipulation
the easiest way to do this IS to sell Huge numbers of contracts ( their Not real ounces )
which always forces Price down
i wouldnt suspect its the miners either , even if Silver is mined as a byproduct
why would they sell at an even greater loss than they already are

2559 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Since I’m partial to a bit of alliteration in my post titles, it is just as well that the Fix had a name change because there is a word beginning with F that describes what happened midday London yesterday (and that word is Farce – go wash your mind out with soap). Anyway, “storm of stupidity” is probably a better fit because it looks like a combination of price insensitive sellers using what now appears to be a closed-end fund. Before we get underway, I want to address the manipulation argument... Read More
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