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>How Strong is Physical Demand for Precious Metals? - Jason Hamlin - Gold Stock Bull
A good article Mr Hamlin. The goldsmiths' strike in India is off and jewelers have got back that smile on their faces.
Gold likes the turmoil which was political in nature during the years 2008 to early 2012 when it shot up from $ 750 to almost $ 1900 if I am not wrong. As political upheavals resolved recovering us from the brink of a world war, gold retraced but only to levels above $ 1000 +/- ( considered unbreachable when gold initially started to rise to much higher levels finally).
The nature of turmoil that is now building up is ECONOMIC much worst than the threat of physical war as there is no fear of death or disability in this case. The option for survival, therefore, is to own some physical gold. This understanding among the educated is fast spreading and is in its own way contributing to the increased demand for precious metals.

2498 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Gold has just had its best quarter in the last 30 years, even after the dreaded rate hike by the Federal Reserve.Demand for gold has been nothing less than jaw-dropping. Even JPMorgan made the bold claim that gold has entered a new bull market. The crowd is starting to realize the poor situation the economies globally are in which has been masked by the Central Bankers’ liquidity. But one should never replace long term solvency with short term liquidity.Here are some problems in the U.S. economy... Read More
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