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Interesting interpretation, Gary. As you say, gold "bulls"...or perhaps call us "angry anti-fiat" gold savers (I was going to say something like "angry-bird-anti-bankster-pigs PM protection seekers," but it just got too long to be clever)...are waiting for the other shoe to drop on the rising prices of gold and silver. If your interpretation is correct, that this humungoid criminal slaughter over the past 4+ years of the PM markets and their shares by the Fed and their bullion bank lackies, was done, with the approval of the govt and its criminally collusive agencies (eg, CFTC), with an eye to letting her rip afterward from a lower level, then that shoe won't fall...or it will only be a ballet slipper that will be quickly whisked off the floor to let the dance continue. Guess we'll see. Me...I'm (still) all in for the ride...and still, to be honest, holding my breath.

PS...again, if you're right, then silvermeister, Ted Butler, could also be partially correct about JPM's massive physical silver siphoning from the market. But it would also mean that JPM would NOT be going it on their own, ie, simply to create profit for themselves, as Ted seems to think, but would still be, as always, simply spearheading the silver arm of the Deep State's (including "our" govt) / global banksters' plans to profit from their massively manipulative slamdown of the PM markets.

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Beginning of the headline :The banksters, by manipulating the price of gold and artificially creating a bear market, have created what will likely turn out to be one of the greatest opportunities ever seen. I’ve maintained all along this was the goal. To create the most destructive bear market in history, which would then generate the largest bull market the world has ever seen. Folks you might as well take advantage of this opportunity. The banksters aren’t the only ones that deserve to get rich. They have destroyed mill... Read More
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