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>Fifteen Years Into the Afghan War, Do Americans Know the Truth?  - Ron Paul - 
Mykey99, the heroin was the main reason we " liberated" Afganastan. The Taliban were burning down the poppy fields and denying our criminal government the smack they need to send back to the states to sell to the junkies. The US counts on the 500 billion in yearly drug sales to its own citizens to keep itself afloat.
The Taliban were actually courted to come to the US before 2001 to cut a deal, which they nixed which prompted the invasion.

1259 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Last week marked the fifteenth anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, the longest war in US history. There weren't any victory parades or photo-ops with Afghanistan's post-liberation leaders. That is because the war is ongoing. In fact, 15 years after launching a war against Afghanistan's Taliban government in retaliation for an attack by Saudi-backed al-Qaeda, the US-backed forces are steadily losing territory back to the Taliban. What President Obama called "the good war" bef... Read More
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