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>Mad As Hell  - Chris Martenson - 
Dear Chris...I agree with most of what you say here. The problem here, and with most writers/analysts in this arena, however, is that you/they simply refuse to speak in anything but (mostly) courteous terms, believing that in this way, courteous "sheeple" will listen/read, understand, agree, and resist, or at least complain a little, those, that is, that aren't fully on the govt dole already and like the status quo.

The fact is that "our" govt, as it now subsists, is a group made up almost entirely of "elected" (that's another topic that needs deconstructing) and unelected sociopaths, career politicians, that have worked their way into positions of power for their own benefit. Most don't give a sh*t about WeTheSheeple and will spout off any and every lie necessary at any moment to keep their positions of power. What's left of their collective conscience is easily assuaged by money and promises of more money, in the form of campaign contributions while in office and an 8/9/10 figure bank account and/or lucrative gig of some form or another when they get out. They don't represent us at all...they simply rubber stamp their employers, who haven't been WeTheSheeple for a long time now. They are self-centered, egotistical ("I deserve the good life b/c I worked hard and lied brilliantly to get here into this position of power"), greedy liars. Period.

And of course Obama (as well as those that put this manchurian candidate in office) is an anti-American, and very likely a non-American, obamanation (not that BushJr was any better), as is and always was the ("vote it in if you want to read it') Obamanation Care Act.

All of which is to say, Chris...YOU'RE NOT EVEN CLOSE TO MAD ENOUGH YET!!!!! "Obama's main failing"...WHAT!!! No failing was PLANNED!! Don't you get it? And it wasn't was the Deep State oligarchical scum behind him that devised it as another atomic bomb on the financial health of the working class. It has been HIGHLY successful. Sheeeeesh!!

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Beginning of the headline :Fair warning, my family just received a 61.5% increase in our healthcare insurance premium of 2017, on top of last year’s 24.8% increase, so I am quite annoyed at the moment.  For my non-US readers, perhaps what follows will interest you as a means of understanding how and why Donald Trump came to be elected President.  I am going to be channeling some of my inner crank today. If you want to understand why Trump won the recent US presidential election, you can't overlook the economic data.  If ... Read More
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