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>Racism-O-Rama  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Ah, yes, black welfare recipients receiving our hard earned and easily spent tax dollars and providing us nothing save their lives for our investment. The impertinence!! Reminds me of the trillion dollar F-35 fighter jet program ($300 million per plane and they still don't work properly) of which $100 billion or so cannot be accounted for. I'm reassured though. At least those children in Yemen can play "Dodge the Bombs" as they're lining up for target practice.

1889 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The New York Times worked itself into a fugue state this morning of the MLK holiday with a front-page orgy of reproving headlines: “[Charles] Blow: Trump is a Racist, Period;” “Donald Trump’s Racism, the Definitive List;” “’I’m Not a Racist,’ Trump says, as DACA Hopes Dim;” “In Trump Remarks, Black Churches See a Nation Backsliding.” I suspect these are not so much the cries of a people yearning for redress of unfair laws — as was the case in 1963 when Martin Luther King led the now-hallowed mar... Read More
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