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>No Manipulation, After All? - Theodore Butler - Butler Research
I am fairly sure that Monetary Metals has explained all this before.
Either way it looks to me like silver has broken out of a long term downtrend. I was a seller at the peak, all of it gone, zip except for some numismatics.
If you are playing in this market you cannot get wedded to a position. It seems to me that Mr B is in a losing position and is looking for excuses.
Now is a good time to buy because it is at a relatively low price. TB should be a buyer here and now.
Silver is bulky. I am not a big fan. People really need to examine their reasons for buying, in either the futures or physical market.

1688 days ago
Beginning of the headline :In the never-ending search to either verify or rebut one’s own findings, I’d like you to consider something different today. I’m going to ask you to set aside my highly specific allegations of wrong-doing in the silver and gold markets, mostly centering on JPMorgan, and focus instead on whether if what I allege is really wrong or even matters much. Even though my allegations are based upon data published by the CFTC and CME Group, I would ask you to put that aside and consider that I may have be... Read More
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