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>54Million Ounces Of US Gold Located At West Point - Rory Hall - The Daily coin
Probably fake gold anyway just for show. Google Larry Summers fake gold. When he was Clinton's Treasury secretary he ordered tungsten blanks to be machined to delivery size bars and peppered with a gold coating and imprinted with Fort Knox serial numbers. Several of these fakes were discovered as such by drill tests after they were delivered to clients.
I believe the real gold went from Fort Knox the the vaults of the " Federal Reserve Bank".

444 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Hat tip to Louis Cammarosano, smaulgd, for bringing this story to my attention. This is one of those rare finds that can help to disprove some of the noise that travels around. Just as Russia allowed a camera crew inside their central bank vault to showcase all their gold holdings, it seems that Fox News in New York was granted a very rare glimpse inside the West Point Mint where you will find 54 million ounces of gold stacked in bars and coins. 2,600 400 ounce “good delivery bars” are stacked ... Read More
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