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>No One In Prison / Morgan Stanley and Mitsubishi Still Operating As Before: “Fined” for Spoofing Gold / Silver Markets - Rory Hall - The Daily coin
Have you not noticed the top end of society may conduct any criminal behaviour it likes because it is exempt from prosecution. The wash-up from the GFC proves my point. How many CEOs had a fine? None! How many went to jail for their blatant crooked behaviour? None.
If you or I behaved in the manner many executives and CEOs did and still do we'd be in jail for many decades. The corruption in society is that the top end of town has a different set of laws to abide by. They call that 'DEMOCRACY'. Its more like corruption whereby the wealthy do not have to account for criminal behaviour.

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Beginning of the headline :More banking crimes exposed in the gold and silver markets. The entities that were fined, so I guess they were guilty of spoofing both gold and silver, are still in operation today and no one has gone to prison. Is there really a crime if someone simply pays off the regulator and continues operating as if nothing ever happened? CFTC Orders Two Trading Firms, Bank to Pay a Total of $3 Million for Spoofing  Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission today announced that civil e... Read More
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