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>The Resistance Digs Their Hole Deeper  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Right on, JHK. I wonder what the DNC and Obama/Hillary gang's fall-back position is going to be.
The proofs of their attempted coup are going to be made public. You just can't keep saying 'orange-man bad' as the reason.

One nit-pick. Don'blame the entire agencies--CIA/NSA/Pentagon/FBI/DNI etc. for this mess. 98% of the workers in these agencies are upstanding employees and not witting to the machinations of their leaders. Most of the leaders of these agencies have been and are now political appointees at the top and the senior-most employees are well-vetted and put into the most critical positions so that control of these agencies is secured.

It's best to say the leaders of the CIA (or name the agency of concern) did "x" or directed "x" to occur.

991 days ago
Beginning of the headline :“No, you don’t understand. It was the Russians, I tell you, the Russians!” And so, with a holiday recess for Adam Schiff’s impeachment soap opera, and news that DOJ Inspector General Horowitz will unload in early December, the media vassals of the Deep State are giving you their own turkey gristle to chew on: “The Russians did it! Yes, really, they did! Believe us!” Perhaps The New York Times has hooked up to a direct line of Burisma’s product as they flood the darkened arena with eerie blue gas... Read More
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