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>The Only Choice on November 6th  - Lew Rockwell - 
The problem with voting is that as you have been well educated and, as a gentleman, you have been taught to loose gallantly.

But when the game is rigged, there is no way to win. And if there is no way to win, to loose gallantly becomes and absurdity.

This is, to me, the rationale for not voting. Do not participate in a game in which you can only lose.

Thus do not feel compelled to accept the outcome, i.e. the stupid laws and increasing regulations.

Obey the law, but understand you are a subject, not a citizen.

"There is worse than slavery. It is to have slaves and to call them citizens". Alphonse de Lamartine

3560 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The critical problem we face today is the same one all mankind has faced: the State, those monopolists who claim the right to break the laws that they make and enforce. How to restrain them is the critical problem of all sound political thinking. Making matters worse, this gang now has a monopoly on the money and the ability to print it, and they are abusing that power at our expense... Read More
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