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>Meaningless Words in Politics  - Ron Paul - 
Platitudes from Ron Paul that belie his attitude toward Lincoln and the Civil War -- and what his real attitude toward freedom is.

He is for freedom, but in the context of State Rights. Which is why he's argued Lincoln had no right to defend the Union against Southern secession -- nevermine such secession would have prolonged the sufferings of thousands of African-Americans, the rapes, the tortures, the forced separation of children from families.

An isolated case? No. In the debates he argued against Obamacare, but not against a State enacting such. You see he believes the Federal Government has NO authority over anything a state decides to do.

The naive and confused man is retiring from politics after this last unsuccessful bid for the Presidency.

Adios and good riddance.

3550 days ago
Beginning of the headline :As we enter the fall political season, we will hear a great deal of rhetoric from both major political parties and their many candidates for office. It's important for us to remember, however, that words can be made meaningless by misuse or overuse. And when we as citizens allow politicians to obscure the truth by distorting words, we diminish ourselves and our nation... Read More
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