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>Some Sunny Day  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Great article. As an Illinois resident, I'm already living it. Amazing how the moron class picks an unaccomplished incompetent from the government of the most dysfunctional, most bankrupt state in the Union. Twice.
The people he left behind are working hard to fill his non existent shoes. There is a drug cartel war in Chicago. 500 dead in 2012. Obongo's acolytes have the answer. Take away guns from people who don't live in Chicago, and raises all around for the government class and their armed bodyguards which we peons can't be trusted with.
We're freaking doomed.

3620 days ago
Beginning of the headline : The story behind the "fiscal cliff" melodrama and the much-memed handwringing about the "good-for-nothing congress" is probably not quite what it appears -- a set of problems that will eventually be overcome by "better leadership" armed with "solutions." The story is really about the permanent disabling of government at this scale and at this level of complexity... Read More
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