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>Some Sunny Day  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Don't you ever get tired of being completely wrong?

If your so against the Socialist Obama, why the unceasing defense of what he does and stands for? You bring up Henry Ford and the automation he used which caused such a ruckus and defend it yet you never state where you stand on all the outsourcing which has stripped jobs from the average American. How does this hi-tech world of trans-oceanic call centers help increase employment in the USA? Where is your ire now? Just because something makes life easier doesn’t mean it makes it better. When was the last time you bought something simple that was made to last? I'll bet it was something that was manufactured in North America but how is still made here? Made to last in today’s hi-tech world means nothing more than putting up with failure until the next upgrade which just brings new failure.

Shame on you Jim, your old enough to know better. Whether you think I’m a republican or Democrat shouldn’t matter, you should be concerned that our lives have gotten shorter, filled with more diseases and pain while we’ve lost our ability to pay for all of this inconvenience.

If you spent more time looking at what’s happening in the real world and less time on your jungle Jim you would be less critical of anyone that looks back to a time when life was better.

3623 days ago
Beginning of the headline : The story behind the "fiscal cliff" melodrama and the much-memed handwringing about the "good-for-nothing congress" is probably not quite what it appears -- a set of problems that will eventually be overcome by "better leadership" armed with "solutions." The story is really about the permanent disabling of government at this scale and at this level of complexity... Read More
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