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>Some Sunny Day  - James Howard Kunstler - 
As you seem to have a limited attention span I’ll answer both of your posts here.

Your hate addled mind once again missed the point, my first comment was clearly worded so as to keep Jim on topic, which low and behold he did. Not a single mention of Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, or Lincoln.

I sure would like to know where I was wrong? How has hi-tech helped employ more US citizens?

If you would bother to completely read a comment you would see that Jim has on many occasions backed big government insofar as he continually challenges any post where limited government is promoted. He hates and ridicules anyone that is against big government, very much like you when someone mentions God or Jesus. Have you made it your mission to go after me now that I've called you out on and debunked your beloved evolution? Seriously, are you nothing more than a child in an old person’s body? As for expressing hatred, you have done so on many occasions in this forum so who are you to call me out on using "Obamastein"? And how does this correlate to any kind of hatred of Jews? Is this some repressed hatred you have for Jews yourself now manifesting in your deflection? You again, so appropriately for yourself, missed the connection that name and my statements made. What are you, a simpleton blinded by hatred of anyone that's managed to get the better of you? Obamastein is a great name for someone who’s name is Obama and who has done so much for the wonderful Jewish banking cartel. Yes I said Jewish. Shock and horror, call the anti-Semitic police.

As for your other statement about people now living longer. I suppose if all you read is government propaganda this might be the case however if you were to indulge yourself for a few hours in some medial reading you would soon discover the opposite is true. Big government driven by big business allowing all manner of chemicals to be used in our food has done far greater damage than anything good our hi-tech medicine might do for us. Big business, enabled by big government, has given the world all manner of gourmet food, look up pink slime. Big business being allowed to create GMO food that now generates pesticides once it enters the digestive tract causing numerous ailments for all but primarily the young. For an individual that has told us he/she holds a number of degree’s you’re not very savvy or are you being purposely ignorant, again?

And here we go, you have once again driven the thread off topic, congratulations.

So will this be a recurring theme, you trying to slander me for anything I post? At least when I challenge Jim it’s for a reason, something you yourself have never brought yourself to do. Keep it up though, this way I know I got under your skin. If you spent less time indulging in your past life of fame and TV reporters and spent more time focused on what’s happening in today’s world you would not make the above mistakes.

3619 days ago
Beginning of the headline : The story behind the "fiscal cliff" melodrama and the much-memed handwringing about the "good-for-nothing congress" is probably not quite what it appears -- a set of problems that will eventually be overcome by "better leadership" armed with "solutions." The story is really about the permanent disabling of government at this scale and at this level of complexity... Read More
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