John Paul Koning works in the financial industry. He also designs wall charts, available at Financial Graph & Art.
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11/21/2020>"Controllable anonymity"
01/15/2020>Flooding or marijuana? Two theories for falling cash demand
01/05/2020>Cryptocurrency in a land of strict gambling laws
12/26/2019>The Watergate banknotes
12/20/2019>Buying coffee with Tesla shares
12/12/2019>Bitcoin and sanctions
12/07/2019>A way to make anonymous online donations
12/04/2019>Mooning over daylight overdrafts
11/29/2019>In-game virtual items as a form of criminal money
11/25/2019>Notes from an inter-planetary monetary anthropologist
11/06/2019>From unknown wallet to unknown wallet
11/02/2019>Bitcoin, 11-years in
10/31/2019>Is the strength of U.S. sanctions due to U.S. dollar hegemony?
10/26/2019>A free market case for CBDC?
10/15/2019>Getting up to monetary mischief
09/24/2019>A fifty-year history of Facebook's Libra
09/18/2019>The life and death of an internet monetary meme
08/31/2019>Why the discrepancy?
08/22/2019>Starbucks, monetary superpower
08/07/2019>Stigmatized money
07/05/2019>Classifying cryptocurrencies
06/25/2019>Esperanto, money's interval of certainty, and how this applies...
06/12/2019>Is bitcoin getting less volatile?
05/30/2019>Revisiting stablecoins
05/10/2019>Kyle Bass's big nickel bet
04/30/2019>The difference between two colourful bits of rectangular paper
04/02/2019>Prepaid debit cards. The other anonymous payments method
03/28/2019>Should governments finance themselves through their central bank?
03/05/2019>Swish > cash and bitcoin
02/21/2019>Death of a Northern Irish banknote
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