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11/14/2018>New opportunity: 2018 Kookaburra with Panda Privy
11/05/2018>New features abound on 2019 Australian Kangaroo gold bullion c...
11/01/2018>Monthly Sales - October 2018
10/19/2018>October effect may lie behind heightened interest in gold
10/16/2018>Perth Mint announces early release of 2019 1oz Silver Kangaroo
10/03/2018>Perth Mint gold app gives investors the Midas touch
10/03/2018>Monthly Sales - September 2018
10/01/2018>2019 Australian Kookaburra bullion coins first to feature Quee...
09/10/2018>Pigs fly as Lunar 1oz coins eye 12th consecutive sell out
09/03/2018>Perth Mint unveils 2019 Australian Bullion Coin Program for in...
09/02/2018>Monthly Sales - August 2018
08/31/2018>Mint hosts high profile visitor
08/16/2018>Perth Mint Physical Gold ETF debuts as first ETF with sovereig...
08/03/2018>Monthly Sales - July 2018
08/01/2018>Fast selling Emu coin now available in gold
07/31/2018>Last chance to purchase Year of the Dog bullion coins online
07/27/2018>Depository Online celebrates two tonne milestone
07/12/2018>Special Koala release features lunar dog privy mark
07/04/2018>How the USD/AUD exchange rate is supporting Australian gold price
07/02/2018>Monthly Sales - June 2018
06/08/2018>SOLD OUT Latest bullion coin sell outs at The Perth Mint
06/08/2018>Monthly Sales - May 2018
06/02/2018>Formidable animals match up to impress on new silver bullion coin
05/05/2018>The Perth Mint unveils first 2oz 'piedfort' for silver bullion...
05/03/2018>Monthly Sales - April 2018
05/02/2018>New bullion coins display exotic Australian bird of paradise d...
04/24/2018>Australian Swan bullion coins return with highly appealing new...
04/24/2018>New effigy of the Queen on Australia's coins
04/21/2018>The Perth Mint saddened by death of Stuart Devlin
04/14/2018>Gold price to stay stable says Chief Economist
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