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03/06/2017>Trapped Longs In Miners As Gold Poised For Fed Fuelled Fall
02/22/2017>Gold: Short End US Rates Matter More Than Long End Real Yields
01/30/2017>Gold Mining Stocks Could Halve In 2017
12/12/2016>Buying Gold Into A Fed Hike: As Dumb As It Sounds?
11/14/2016>Gold Prices Have Overreacted To The US Election
11/07/2016>The US Presidential Election Is Not A Brexit Moment
02/22/2016>What is the Best Trade on the Gold Mining Sector?
02/15/2016>Consensus Macro Trades Stop Out: Gold Has Made A Near Term Top
02/10/2016>How Far Can Gold Go?
02/09/2016>SK OptionTrader Closes to New Subscribers in Less Than 10 Days
02/01/2016>The Fed Is Not Hiking: Risk Assets To Perform
01/28/2016>FOMC Dovish: Gold to Go Higher and Equities to Bounce
01/26/2016>Dovish Fed to Send Gold Higher
12/21/2015>Yellen has Lift Off, But Rates Won’t Go To The Moon
12/17/2015>Selling Downside Equity Protection, Will it Still Be Profitabl...
12/09/2015>Draghi Leaves Market Hungry For More QE
11/16/2015>Why Gold Prices Could Bounce This Week
11/09/2015>It’s Now, or Never for Yellen
11/04/2015>Will The Fed Hike In December & What Does This Mean For Gold P...
02/17/2015>Special Offer: Your Money Back if Gold Fails to Make a New Low...
12/19/2014>Understanding Risk Reward Dynamics
12/10/2014>Fade the Gold Short Squeeze Ahead of the FOMC
12/08/2014>Why ECB QE Will Drive European Stocks To New Highs
12/01/2014>The Swiss Gold Referendum Was Just a Storm in a Teacup
11/06/2014>Understanding Global Monetary Policy: And How to Profit From It
10/22/2014>The Better Short: Gold or Silver?
09/16/2014>Why ECB QE Is Bearish For Gold Prices
01/16/2014>Weaker Payrolls Will Support Gold
01/09/2014>The Optimal Portfolio: Short Gold Miners, Long Gold, Long Equi...
12/04/2013>SK OptionsTrading Makes 43.20% in 14 Days by Shorting the Gold...
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Flying Blind
25 JanPeter K.1
God, what a load of shit. Sounds like your hankering for a communist agrarian utopia, a la pol pot style. I've got news for you, the world ...
Rough Ridin’ with Biden
22 JanS W.0
Joe's main problem is that he has no delivery when speaking. In fact he sounds like death warmed up. The USA is technically bankrupt finan...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
20 JanJim C.0
Trump appeared weak, and was...weak. And always was more talk then action. Asking Democrats if they wanted their help with suppressing massive loo...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
19 JanJ.0
The country seems to be lurching toward a cold civil war regardless of anything Trump may or may not do. Doing nothing might be all it takes to he...
This is How You Can Dodge Facial Recognition Software
19 JanFalconflight
With such insight and wit; you should be able to parlay it w/ a gig at Buzzfeed or HuffPuff.
Federalism, Not Breakup
19 JanFalconflight-1
There are 50 states currently. There are currently 435 Congressman. There is nothing in the Constitution maxing Representatives at 435 or that st...
The Zeitgeist Wants What the Zeitgeist Wants
19 JanFalconflight1
I just posted my latest bumperstick: "Trump Won", next to my other sticker: "Police State USA! USA! USA!" My next sticker will read: "Arrest Me"....
Signs and Wonders
15 JanJim C.
It is very late in the game for some deus ex machina to save our Republic, especially given yesterday’s Joint Chief of Staffs memo indicating inten...
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