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Production Objectives
Project nameCountry2021202220232024202520262027202820292030
BRISAS (OZ)Venezuela457,000457,000457,000457,000457,000457,000457,000457,000
DONLIN CREEK (OZ)Usa1,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,0001,250,000
ROCK CREEK (OZ)Usa100,000100,000100,000
CONONISH (FYNEGOLD) (OZ)U.k.6,2006,2006,2006,2006,200
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECT (OZ)South Africa140,000140,000140,000140,000
BLOEMHOEK (OZ)South Africa380,000380,000380,000380,000380,000380,000380,000380,000380,000380,000
EZULWINI (OZ)South Africa288,000288,000288,000288,000288,000288,000288,000
MODDER EAST (OZ)South Africa180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000
SHEBA'S RIDGE (OZ)South Africa21,50021,50021,50021,50021,50021,50021,500
DIDIPIO (OZ)Philippines120,000120,000120,000
TAMPAKAN (OZ)Philippines350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000
CERRO CORONA (OZ)Peru150,000150,000150,000150,000150,000150,000150,000150,000
NORMANBY (IMWAUNA) (OZ)Papua New Guinea100,000
OYU TOLGOI (OZ)Mongolia320,000320,000320,000320,000320,000320,000320,000320,000320,000320,000
DOLORES MINE (OZ)Mexico110,000110,000110,000
SAUCITO (OZ)Mexico45,000
Komana (oz)Mali100,000100,000100,000100,000
SYAMA (OZ)Mali250,000250,000250,000
TONGON (OZ)Ivory Coast270,000270,000
HUTTI KARNATAKA (OZ)India105,000105,000105,000
SIGUIRI (OZ)Guinea500,000500,000
AYANFURI (OZ)Ghana190,000
OBUASI (OZ)Ghana935,000935,000935,000935,000935,000935,000935,000935,000935,000935,000
WA (OZ)Ghana100,000100,000100,000100,000
SUKARI (OZ)Egypt200,000200,000200,000200,000
TWANGIZA (OZ)Congo Dem. Rep. Of100,000100,000
ANGOSTURA (OZ)Colombia680,000680,000680,000680,000680,000
LA COLOSA (OZ)Colombia700,000700,000700,000700,000700,000700,000700,000700,000700,000700,000
EL MORRO (OZ)Chile300,000300,000300,000300,000
PASCUA LAMA (OZ)Chile750,000750,000
DETOUR LAKE (SUNDAY LAKE) (OZ)Canada650,000650,000650,000650,000650,000650,000650,000650,000
ELEONORE (OZ)Canada330,000330,000330,000330,000330,000330,000330,000330,000330,000330,000
MOUNT MILLIGAN (OZ)Canada194,500194,500194,500194,500194,500194,500194,500194,500194,500194,500
NEW AFTON (OZ)Canada85,00085,000
PROSPERITY (OZ)Canada247,000247,000247,000247,000247,000247,000247,000247,000247,000247,000
YOUNG - DAVIDSON (OZ)Canada180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000180,000
MORNING STAR AUSTRALIA (OZ)Australia25,00025,00025,00025,00025,00025,00025,00025,00025,000
TROPICANA (OZ)Australia350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000350,000
GUALCAMAYO (OZ)Argentina63,000
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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