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Four Main Economic Drivers Sputtering: Saxo Bank Charts

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Published : October 12th, 2018
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Category : Crisis Watch

Here's a collection of charts from Saxo Bank's CIO and Chief Economists Steen Jakobsen.

Global Growth Sputtering

Steen gives four reasons global growth is sputtering. Her are some of his charts.

Federal Tax Collections

Speculative Positioning

Sputtering Growth

Inflation Coming?

Stock Market Breadth

Apple Too Successful

Price of Money Rising Fast

Tax Collections and Homebuilders

It's understanding why the Trump tax cuts impacted corporate tax collections, but if one truly believes huge hiring is in place, personal tax collection is another matter.

Homebuilders are a disaster as has been recent housing data.

And the global economy does not exactly look robust.

China did not diverge from the global economy in 2008 and the US won't in 2019.

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