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Heads, You Lose

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Published : June 16th, 2014
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Obama Pushes Iraqis to Mend Sectarian Rifts

— Headline, The New York Times

Have they tried diversity training? I doubt it. That’s not how things are done in the Shithole Formerly Known as Iraq (SFKI). They’re headhunters now. For the moment the ISIS hasn’t had the inclination to shrink any of their trophies. Their method for preserving the memory of all that is the smart phone video of decapitation posted on the Internet. So let’s skip the part where both sides talk about their feelings.

It all happened pretty quickly last week, but in case you haven’t noticed, Humpty Dumpty fell off the wall over there. The bonehead American news media affects to be too stunned to even ask the pertinent questions, starting with: is that all it took to undo eight years and — what? — maybe two trillion dollars in US-sponsored nation-building? Oh, plus 4,000 US dead and 50,000 wounded. So, my question would be: when do the political recriminations kick in? Pretty soon, I reckon, and when they do, expect them to be fiercely perverse. The theme of who lost Iraq? may cost more than who lost Vietnam?

How perverse is the loose talk of Iran joining forces with “the Great Satan” to support the Shiite-dominated government of Nouri al-Maliki. Prediction: not going to happen. Events are moving so quickly that the ultimate nightmare scenario is at hand: the ISIS penetrates the “Green Zone” surrounding the US embassy in Baghdad. They take hostages and commence systematic decapitations of American personnel. This is not something I would like to happen, mind you. Just saying. And the thought must have loosened a few sphincters down at the US Department of State, too.

You can be sure that Obama will be blamed both for pulling out in 2011 and then not going back to war, to protect our two trillion dollar previous investment. I have to imagine that distrust for civilian control of the US military by a corps of rising officers will reach never-before-seen depths. It may not be expressed right away, but the knock-on effects of political breakdown in the Middle East could go long and far in upsetting US politics. The defeat of Eric Cantor is just the beginning of what could be the unraveling of the federal system.

The Iraq fiasco already threatens to spike oil prices way beyond the $107 level of today. That will crush whatever remains of the US economy all over again. God knows what it might do to the financialized Rube Goldberg shadow economy of counterparty booby traps that overlays an abyss of unpayable debt. You can’t squash price discovery forever, and one morning you might wake up to discover that the price of all those shenanigans was your political heritage.

Oh, one more thing: not much attention is being paid to Saudi Arabia, but note that it has been the chief sponsor of Sunni insurgency everywhere but Saudi Arabia itself, and that the genie they let out of that flask will probably come back and tear that country to shreds, especially in so far as King Abdullah at age 90 is a virtual mummy, and that many other clans besides the Saud tribe have designs on the throne (and its mighty revenue stream from oil production). Add to that inter-tribal tension the possibility of an ISIS-style insurgency in Saudi Arabia itself, with righteous Islamic puritan warriors drawn from all over the region, and you have quite the recipe for a global clusterfuck. Surely a lot of things would get broken in the event. Given all the jealousy and ill-feeling toward Saudi Arabia, it is a wonder that over the last 30 years no mischief-makers have, for instance, blown up the Ras Tenura oil terminal on the Persian Gulf. That would put the schnitz on global oil supply lines on a world war scale.

For the moment, it is hard to see how anything can be salvaged in Iraq. The ISIS may cause enough havoc there to shut down Iraqi oil production forever. They can start World War III. They can inspire insurgencies across the whole Islamic world and beyond. The caliphate they establish will then have to figure out how to support a population twenty times as great as the region truly can support with a medieval economy. Sooner or later, they’ll be selling shrunken heads in the souks.

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Don't forget, Jim - 911 was absolutely NOT an inside job. Must have been crazy terrorists.
Only an insane person who researches actual facts would ever believe otherwise.
Once again subsequent events prove beyond any doubt that the U.S. Government not only lied about almost every facet of our Iraqi 'effort'; but that every facet of that effort was a complete and utter failure. Yet I'm reassured - Amidst the renewed destruction and death Bush/Cheney's and Obama's cronies have been well taken care of. Oh, yeah, don't bother with Geitner's book (unless you enjoy laughing and crying at the same time). It's results are now plain to see in Iraq.
How about a counterpoint; There will be no political recriminations from the American public about the "lost" 2 trillion, because the American public doesn't care. If it did, Korea would have been the last "nation building" allowed by the voters. So what gives then? How about "the rise of the Drones"? The ultimate goal is remote-control population management, right? The current drones are now like 15 years old. Do you think the best and brightest have just been setting on their hands the last 15 years? There's a whole new generation of machines to test, and where better to test them than the sands of the middle east. So, release the rowdies, belly up to the joystick, and let a new-improved generation of video game champs do their thing. If one or two go astray, no biggie! Lots of open space "over there"!
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Don't forget, Jim - 911 was absolutely NOT an inside job. Must have been crazy terrorists. Only an insane person who researches actual facts would ever believe otherwise. Read more
M. - 6/21/2014 at 10:55 AM GMT
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