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Published : April 27th, 2014
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My father, a Marine, turned 90 in Anchorage yesterday. May our Republic live. I am not a Democrat. Socrates and Aristotle best described Democracy as mob rule, and if you look up the Latin you will find the same, which road I fear we are on to ruin. No, I am not a Republican either, except in principle. Democracy is when the public finds out, encouraged by self-dealing politicians, that they can loot the Treasury. In the current political climate I have trouble calling myself a Republican, either, because nowadays in Idaho they act so much like Chicago Democrats.

I used to admire Shoshone County Democrats, because they had an understanding of the Republic in mind. Fred Catamessa, George Gieser, Bill Noyen. They were Democrats but they had a healthy respect for the Republic. They knew their role; they were not the leaders of Shoshone County: they were its representatives, their servants. Their door was always open: the only time it was closed was to discuss personnel matters which, rightfully, are nobody else's business.

These people running the Republican Party, at least the ones I saw two Friday nights ago in Wallace, might as well be iron-fisted Democrats from Chicago. Idealogues, power-mongers, and it scares me.

Is there a party that can accommodate the personal views of the social libertarian, the governmentally and fiscally conservative, at the same time? Is there a place at the table for the Christian, the Jew, the Muslim, the straight and the gay, in this conversation? 

May I grow pot in my basement for my own personal use and keep a full-auto in my gun-safe to protect my family at the same time?

May I oppose abortion as an act of murder while at the same time thinking that the mother may not be ready to rear a child, and may I participate in this horrible conversation with my daughter or son without you or some government breathing down our neck?

(And may I honestly participate in such a conversation while our drones slaughter born and un-born children in Afghanistan, the same place we send our young men and women to die? Children who are just like our children?) I have had the privilege of traveling the world, and it strikes me that mothers, fathers, and children a pretty much just like us, and that they are kind folks. 

May I support a gentle sheriff and support his deputies a raise while opposing the horrible militarization of our police departments funded and mandated by the feds?

I want my grandchildren to grow up better educated than I was, but fattening teachers' salaries and building fancy new school buildings have not done this in the 50 years of our “Great Society.”

So, what do we do? Does this mean I dislike teachers? Of course not. I would like a conversation about this. A very local and very intense conversation. I want to know the teachers' wisdom but I don't want to talk about just money. I want to know what else they care about. 

May I support honest money, backed by gold and silver? May I advocate that a working man's wage buys the same amount of groceries every month, until he gets a raise? Because right now it doesn't: a dozen eggs costs a miner, in real terms of his hourly wage, more now than it did a month ago, and lots more than a year ago. Where stand our miners, in honest terms of living standards? Lower. That is not what their fathers worked so hard for.  What do you call a person who wonders this way? Does that make me a Bircher or a Bolshevik? I do not know.

But I think I would rather drink hemlock with Socrates than tea with the lot in charge of our local politicians. I want answers to my questions, and I need a political party that will talk with me and not at me: One that offers a forum to discuss my worries, a forum with decency, courtesy, politeness, mutual respect: in a word, Comity. Our Republic is at stake. Let us be gentlemen, and patriots, and friends and neighbors, lest we be consigned to the ashes of history. I want to know my Dad's and my Grandfather's service accounted for something.


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Hello David,

You used the word "libertarian" but make no mention of the Libertarian Party? Why didn't you make any mention of it? Are you completely unaware of it's existence? In case you are not unaware of it...

Why not join the Libertarian Party? The party of principle. If for nothing else, to at least challenge the currently established two-party duopoly.

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Hello David, You used the word "libertarian" but make no mention of the Libertarian Party? Why didn't you make any mention of it? Are you completely unaware of it's existence? In case you are not unaware of it... Why not join the Libertarian Party? T  Read more
OneTinSoldier66 - 5/2/2014 at 8:54 PM GMT
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