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Time for the Marlboro man to use gold and silver patches

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Published : August 09th, 2011
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All numbers and calculations are destined to turn to zero unless they are underwritten by philosophical underpinnings which themselves have values as well as clear cut, realistic and sustainable strategies.

After smoking two packets of cigarettes a day for many years on credit, the United States has now been diagnosed with what appears to be lung cancer. The symptoms and the warnings were there for years but the bravado and the denial made her feel indestructible. This diagnosis has come as such a shock that she has now committed to cutting her two packet a day habit down to a packet and a half a day!!!

Her principal tobacconist in China is worried that the USA's reduced consumption of cigarettes might weaken her as well and that if she becomes critically ill or dies, that she will not pay the bill for all the cigarettes she consumed on credit. She is so worried that she has been trying to sell the USA's IOU's in exchange for real things that do not go up in smoke such as commodities, farmland, ports and gold.

Virtually everything the USA has smoked has gone up in smoke. Wars in foreign lands, stimulus packages and rescue packages just to name a few. On top of all this she has been supplementing her imported cigarettes from China with home made ones using a modified printing press to produce QE1's and QE2's. A new line is now being secretly developed in the Fed Reserve Lab by Professor Festa and it is believed that this brand may have to be soon distributed by helicopter to meet the desperate pleas of the addicted masses.

Her guardians in Congress and the House of Representatives have come up with a plan to help her keep smoking without fear of dying. It's called the Clinton Plan. It will allow the USA to smoke but without inhaling. Opinions are divided over this.

The Government of the USA is risking an uprising by its people because it also appears that all the empty packets from the cigarettes were being stored in the Social Security Trust Fund whilst telling people that these packets were full of cigarettes for them to consume in the future.

To make matters worse, the politicians on both sides have promised far more cigarettes for future consumption than is actually possible to produce or supply.

If all this is not enough, her children also took up the habit. The older ones with degrees and jobs at banks even found a way to smoke more than one cigarette at a time using the Leverage Pipe. The younger ones smoked so much that their houses, shopping malls and factories caught fire and are now out of work as well.

There is of course an almost solitary voice that is urging the USA to refuse payment to the Chinese for all the cigarettes she bought on credit, to stop her soldiers smoking overseas, and to burn the modified printing press as well as sack Professor Festa before closing down his Fed Reserve Lab. His name is Ron Paul. In Ancient Athens there was a similar man with the name Socrates who also told the truth. The politicians poisoned him whereas today the politicians have gone one step further and are poisoning their nation.

Despite earlier doubts, resistance, criticism and slander, there are now many scientists and common folk who swear by the remedial and energizing effects of Gold and Silver Patches as a means of fighting the addiction to the imported Chinese cigarettes. Those children in the USA that have been using them are not only showing signs of recovery but are also gaining weight, strength and a longer life span. The beauty of these patches is that they do not wear away or lose potency. They come with a life time guarantee and there is ample documentary evidence of them being used throughout history.

Over at the Comex they have been continuing to sabotage the use of patches with the use of Gold and Silver Plated Patches that contain no silver or gold on the inside. It does appear however that their time is borrowed as well.

The other real fear that exists in the USA is that there might not be any gold or silver stored in Fort Knox with which to make a reasonable number of patches. Who knows what the truth is when a government refuses to account to its people for the assets it holds.

Over the last decade or so, the demand for these patches has increased despite their escalating price. If anything, demand is getting stronger. This is called a backward bending demand curve and is caused by a system that is nearing collapse.

For what it's worth, the United States is not alone in her predicament. The Piggies in Southern Europe have smoked themselves into a similar situation using borrowed cigarettes and now the Mediterranean breeze is sending their second hand smoke up north where it is threatening the lives of the French and Germans.

But even China, who is the biggest tobacconist on the planet is treading on dangerous ground. She has built too many cigarette factories and they are in danger of collapsing. They even build factories which are never operated. The man on the street in China is perhaps a little smarter due to low consumption of cigarettes and is now buying up gold and silver nicotine patches instead.

Clearly the US Government needs to start using Gold and Silver Patches but this is just the beginning.

A good start can be made by not paying the Chinese which in the longer run will actually help them as well.

The next step is to throw out the empty cigarette packets being stored by the Social Security Trust Fund and to replace them with whatever unencumbered real assets the nation has whether they be buildings, roads, unclaimed mineral wealth and the like. No funny cigarette type paper or other empty packets. I repeat, only REAL ASSETS that can be kept track of and be developed and managed in partnership with private enterprise and workers. In this way the debt to future retirees can be paid off and no further interest needs to be levied on current taxpayers for the worthless empty boxes on the shelf. A good slice of the National Debt will thus be wiped off.

To be honest I am fuming as I write these words and it's not cigarette smoke. In my family's history there are great grandfathers and great uncles who sailed into America under the gaze of the Statue of Liberty and made a living and a future for themselves before returning home. Today that Statue of Liberty has a cannula shoved up her arm and a drip line that extends all the way to China. Is this the way it was meant to happen? I think not. Neither for the USA nor for China.

At a distance the USA still looks strong, powerful and attractive, but if the USA comes a little closer to the mirror and lets the smoke subside, the ugly truth of her condition should galvanize her into action. Perhaps it is time for America to stop smoking and to start breathing lest she comes to the same painful end as the Marlboro Man.


Increasing the debt ceiling does not prolong the living. It simply prolongs the dying.

P.S. As I finished writing this at 10.57pm, August 4, 2011 (Sydney time) I see that gold has reached $1674 an oz. Some would call this fear. Perhaps that is true. But remember that most fears are founded on common sense.


Peter Souleles




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Peter Souleles is an economics and law graduate. He writes from Sydney, Australia.
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Peter, good I gave up smoking two decades ago. To smoke on credit adds to the flavor on two counts. Firstly, you smoke limitlessly and secondly after a while you lose that count as well. And for my Chinese friends they must open every smoked packet. They might find a half smoked or unsmoked cigarette for solace.
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Peter, good I gave up smoking two decades ago. To smoke on credit adds to the flavor on two counts. Firstly, you smoke limitlessly and secondly after a while you lose that count as well. And for my Chinese friends they must open every smoked packet. They  Read more
Papli - 8/8/2011 at 3:44 PM GMT
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