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>The Great Silver Mystery (...and the greatest secret of all time!)  - Treasures and Gold Fever - Bix Weir
Weir has spun a fanciful tale. He spoke of the need of the PTB to suppress the price of silver dating back to the mid '90s. "From1995-1998 approximately 10,000 additional tons of US silver was exported to the UK to suppress the physical silver market on the LME." However, there was no need to suppress its price, as it remained remarkably stable for the entire 8 year period commencing in 1994. In the last few years we have experienced numerous greater 1 day swings in its price than were seen over the entire course of those 8 years. For the greatest amount of that time frame, the price was between $5 and $7. For about a dozen days did silver top $7 in Feb. 1998. But that was it....It seems to me that a market with such stable pricing was hardly in need of intervention.... But for those who do not care about facts, this is a great piece that will enable them to continue believing the utter nonsense that has rendered their critical faculties utterly useless. i mean, they could not put it on the internet if it was not true, could they?

3276 days ago
Beginning of the headline :During WWII, in order for the scientists to enrich enough Uranium for the A-bomb they had to make the largest electro magnet ever built. It would be called a Calutron and according to the narrator, they needed many tons of copper wiring which they claim was not available at the time due to war shortages. Instead of copper they went to the US Treasury and "borrowed" 14,700 TONS OF SILVER. (...of course silver is a much better conductor of electricity than copper, so the copper shortage story was likely intentionally planted to conceal the necessity of silver). 14,700 tons of silver is about 470,000,000... Read More
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