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>12 astonishing things about gold  - Perth Mint Blog - 
How easy is it to physically destroy GOLD or Silver so you have nothing left?
How easy is it to destroy paper?
How easy is it to create paper?
How easy is it to create Gold and Silver?
Can you wipe your butt with Gold or Silver?
Most people wipe their Butt with paper.
Which would you rather have as money?
Gold and Silver will always have some intrinsic value, paper will start fires.

3320 days ago
Beginning of the headline :As gold coin makers, we get to work with one of the most amazing materials in the Universe. Here are 12 astonishing features we’ve found cited about precious gold: · Gold is made in supernovas – massive cosmic explosions that hurl out materials which gather together to form planets. · Most of Earth’s gold is buried too deep to be recoverable... Read More
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