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>Between a Rock and a Laugh Track  - James howard Kunstler - 
On Aug. 13th of this year in response to another of Jim's comments you posted: "You'll get no more response from me, you are not worth it.... Good bye ignorant little man."

i will not state what your multiple failures to keep your word say about you, for i am a decent person. But be assured, it is not anything you would want your daughter to hear. So please keep your word. Your comments without exception have always been utterly banal and have done nothing whatsoever to move any discussion. You have never put forward an idea of your own and seem to be capable of nothing more than character assassination. i am rather sure you consider your droll drivel to be bon mots of inspired brilliance and if so, you would be sadly mistaken. You have nothing to offer. You have never had anything to offer. So pretty please with sugar on top, do all of us a favour and just go away; consigue una pinche vida!

Should you not, you should be aware that as with Hart and his on line personae, i will not waste another second of my life either reading or responding to anything you post. And unlike you, my word is my bond.

3375 days ago
Beginning of the headline :After the British parliament put the kibosh on following the American punishment brigade to Syria, and then NATO, and the UN wrinkled their noses at the project, well, that pretty much left President Obama to twist slowly, slowly in the wind — washed, rinsed, and hung out to dry. It looks like a watershed moment in the USA’s increasingly klutzy career as the world’s hall monitor... Read More
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