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>The War on Terror  - Michael S. Rozeff - Lew Rockwell
The issue on why the US keeps attacking sovereign nations really boils down to one thing and that one thing is easy to identify. What is it, follow the money to find it. Who benefits from all this warring? The mega corporations who manufacture the weaponry, the ones who keep lobbying politicians and lining the pockets of the willing politicians.

These corporations are so greedy that human life is nothing more than a way to earn extra bucks. The more people there are that will fight, the more bullets and bombs they have to produce to kill the fighters with. The more people that are killed in the endless war on terror = more profit for these guys.

If only there were a handful of politicians that had the back bone to say no to the mega corps our kids and grand kids would be spared more of the same warring.

2788 days ago
Beginning of the headline :My hypothesis is that the war on terror has not decreased the number of “terrorists”. I use the term “terrorist” but one might substitute others such as jihadist or anti-western Muslims or pro-Islamic State Muslims. We are talking about people whose agendas vary, often greatly, but who want to get U.S. forces out of the Middle East and Central Asia or who want states to become fundamental Islamic states or who favor one brand of Islam over another; and these people use terror bombings as one of... Read More
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