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>GLD and Gold's Selloff - Adam Hamilton - Zealllc
"Despite the silly conspiracy theories, GLD has been a great success."

Still the same verbose, arrogant, verbose, know-it-all,verbose a.....le (did I say verbose?) as always...but you do take up space and use lots of charts, so publishers still like that I guess. And really, it depends on what you mean by "success." Yes, it was very successful in diverting monies away from physical and from mining shares. Extraordinarily successful. the WGC and those to whom it is beholden, who are NOT the mining companies that support it nor the other miners/producers, who do NOT benefit from it. And oh btw, prove to all of us that GLD has and always has had the physical gold you claim it has. Unencumbered gold, that is. You can't. You take it by faith. James Turk, for one (and there have been others), did a masterful job of showing that there were numerous loopholes, some larger than life, in the fine print of those funds' documents allowing those funds and the banksters behind them to NOT hold the physical metal, unencombered, in the fund (actually the large majority of those ETFs, or whatever acronym one finds most appropriate, function under the same or similar fine print rules).

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Beginning of the headline :Gold has suffered a rough couple of months, getting pounded below major support.One driver was stock-market capital flowing out of gold again, as evidenced by renewed differential selling pressure seen in gold-ETF shares.But this was minor compared to last year?s, despite extreme bearish sentiment plaguing gold.Gold-ETF selling exhaustion has effectively been hit, paving the way for big rebound buying.The dominant gold ETF remains the American SPDR Gold Shares, which trades as GLD.This vehicle r... Read More
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