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>I Wish Nobody Was Bombing Syria  - Ron Paul - 
Dear Ron "wish the American people would finally demand that their government end its destructive policy of trying to change any regime that does not bow to Washington's demands."

AS you must already know, there are MANY informed and fed-up American people who would absolutely LOVE TO DEMAND that their govt end all kinds of evil policies and criminal and un-Constitutional activities. We'd love to see the warmongers and neocons and those who fund them and benefit from them tried in a very public forum, answer to all the evidence against them for all their traitorous acts and atrocities, and be fully prosecuted. So, give us a clue: who is there in our govt that WeThePeople could actually make our demands to?? Inquiring minds would just LOVE to know. WHO ARE THEY? HOW WOULD WE MAKE THOSE DEMANDS?

Most of us out here don't believe our representatives care at all about their constituents (except for their votes, of course), that for the most part they are bought and paid for and belong to their overlord employers. And we believe that equally so is the Justice arm of our supposedly three-branched govt...politicos all. And the fourth estate, as you stated, is simply the Ministry of Truth for the Executive Dept, which is really the Executive Branch of the One Bank, the "Elite," the above-the-law powers that be that actually run the govts of the world by ALL evidence. And don't tell us to work with or for the Republican Party, or the Democratic Party, or really ANY party, or even your son, Rand--it would appear he has become as much a part of the system as the rest (trying to withhold judgment, but it's hard not to believe that what we have seen so far is all we would get from him--about nothing but status quo).

Please help us. If you, as a popular presidential candidate, who had also been a respected (though irritating to those who liked their dependable palm greasings and campaign fundings) Congressman, were thrown off the bus and not allowed to even speak, what kind of an audience, and where and how, are the rest of us going to receive?

2674 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The US regime change policy for Syria has been a catastrophe. More than 200,000 killed and an entire country reduced to rubble at least partly because President Obama decided that "Assad has lost his legitimacy." How is it that the president of a country 6,000 miles away has the authority to decide whether another leader belongs in office or not? What if Rouhani in Iran decided that Obama had lost his legitimacy for killing a number of American citizens by drone without charge or tri... Read More
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