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>Gold Thrives in Rate-Hike Cycles - Adam Hamilton - Zealllc
And yet you and everyone else with half a brain already know there will be no "cycle." Even if, and it looks entirely likely (but who really knows?), there is a paltry .25 increase, how many believe there will be another to even a whopping .50, let alone beyond that? Not me...not, that is, unless the actual plan is to finally completely destroy the financial system owned and controlled by those who also managed to get themselves empowered as its decision-makers. Why would they do that? Don't know...just don't quite see it (yet?). Cycle? would be the shortest in history. What I want to know is when do the prices of gold and silver finally break their link with the paper/electronic/futures market and head off on their own? Will that take a total destruction of the gold and silver mining industry? Is that the goal, or one of them?...leaving hundreds of companies completely bankrupt or at least easy pickings for those that would buy them up for pennies on the dollar or less? What is the end game here? Silver is now hitting 13.70/oz in USD. How low does it need to go for the purposes of those that control, essentially own, these markets? (And they are not the hedge funds who have loaded up their shorts once again.)

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Beginning of the headline :Gold’s deep new secular lows of recent weeks were fueled by American futures speculators’ overpowering fear of Fed rate hikes.  They believe zero-yielding gold is doomed in a higher-rate world, so they dumped gold futures at astounding record rates.  The problem is history proves just the opposite, that gold tends to thrive during Fed-rate-hike cycles.  This revelation is a super-bullish near-term omen for gold. Some brief context is essential to frame... Read More
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