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>And was Jerusalem builded here ?  - Chris Powell - GATA
Chris...just an outstanding and amazing summary of some of the crimes, past and still ongoing, of these banksters and their lackies...your best ever. Well done, and thank you for speaking so eloquently and so cogently for so many of us who really have little to no voice in the world or even our country anymore concerning one of the most heinous and pervasive ongoing crimes against civilization and working people everywhere in the history of the world.

The International Bankster Clan / Cartel, especially of the Western world, has become an unfathomably wealthy and powerful force controlling from the shadows nearly all western governments, and others as well, for its own self-aggrandizement, always greedy for more wealth and control and power and protection from loss of all the above. At heart, it is unfortunately a dark and devious evil on the earth. And it is now totally out of the control of the people and their governments, and still seeking by whatever means it can to continue to maintain its control over hundreds of governments and billions of people by their control of the creation of and selective distribution of counterfeit money, all of which it creates out of essentially nothing at the cost of almost nothing, but for all of which it is paid 10s and 100s of billions of dollars and equivalents by the citizens of those countries all for the privilege of watching their currency in which they are paid and with which they are forced to do business be continuously and progressively devalued / debased and given to others of the "elite" class (as Orwell would decribe it in "Animal Farm"--"all...are equal, but some...are more equal than others")...and again, all for the good of the central banks and its shareholders and its fellow partner banksters in crime.

It is time to throw the curtain back, shine the light on this brood of vipers, and set nations and peoples and governments free from their parasitic and destructive tentacles, and set up a system / systems of sound and honest money, under control of the people thru a representative and elected govt once again.

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Beginning of the headline :Why is gold such a mystery? Why is it, along with silver, kept such a mystery? It's because the two precious metals are not only money but... Read More
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