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>The Fascist Threat  - Lew Rockwell - 

Your idea that extreme right and left fascism meet is brought out in the Spanish Civil War. The globalists created right wing fascism in Germany, Spain and Italy and created left wing fascism in Russia.
In 1938, Hollywood had us believing that communism promoted human liberty against a cruel dominant state with their Liberty Brigade volunteers and Gary Cooper "good guys" movies.

The reality was that the globalists rounded up liberty-minded fighters and used their modern weapons to slaughter them. Stalin promised aid but never delivered as planned. He was secretly on the fascist side all along just like in WW2.

According to historian Eric Jon Phelps, the fascist dictators on both sides worked with Churchill and Roosevelt to decimate disloyal-to-globalist-Rome populations like German protestants and Russian orthodox and even killed mostly Jews that resisted migration to Palestine.

The only extremes in politics are liberty and fascism. This left/right paradigm is a globalist construct to confuse and mislead the masses as you suggest.

2601 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Everyone knows that the term fascist is a pejorative, often used to describe any political position a speaker doesn’t like. There isn’t anyone around who is willing to stand up and say: "I’m a fascist; I think fascism is a great social and economic system." But I submit that if they were honest, the vast majority of politicians, intellectuals, and political activists would have to say just that... Read More
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