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>The Ghost in the Machine  - James Howard Kunstler - 
The most likely reason Nancy Pelosi, Hillary & Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Adam Schiff, Bill Kristol, David Frum, Dean Baquet, and five hundred other seditious political degenerates out there WANT to finish off the institutions of a federal republic ~ and whatever remains of the US economy ~ is: The alternative leaves the Hammers of Justice alive and well to prosecute them for their Criminal Activities.

James, the coming Apocalyptic Event is gonna be Extinction Level. It's obvious Big Money WANTS this and has been working toward an ELE for years. Did you notice the 2020 Commemorative Quarters are stamped with the Covid-19 Bat ? It had to take The Mint at least two years to make those dies. It's just a coincidence . . . just a coincidence.

42 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The abiding mystery of the 2020 election is how come the Democratic Party, wishing so zealously to win back power, took pains to nominate a candidate weaker than the ghost of Millard Fillmore. Resorting to Occam’s Razor, one might have to conclude that Joe Biden was simply the best they had — a surefire case for the party’s necessary extinction. The Labor Day starting-gun kicks off the high campaign season and Ol’ White Joe wobbles forth from his lair under a rock somewhere to dazzle audiences o... Read More
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