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>Going Full Orwell  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Good Grief James ! ! The truth will only come out 'IF' Trump wins this election. The extremely wealthy and dangerously powerful are spending every dime they can lay their blood-stained hands on to defeat Trump. At BEST, the prosecution of this HUGE batch of rich criminals is iffy.

87 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Oscar Wilde observed that “life imitates art,” and there they were: the three grand poohbahs of social media, stone-facing the Senate Homeland Security Committee on their zoom screens like a trio of James Bond villains — Jack “Twitter” Dorsey, complete with sinister nose-ring and necromancer’s beard, Mark “Facebook” Zuckerberg, pasty and blank as a knish, and Sundar “Google” Pichai the Merciless. Only missing were the Persian cats in their laps. They were on-board to answer how come their monstr... Read More
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