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More grandiose self-aggrandizement from the enigmatic and long-winded fofoa.
He understands gold - you don't. He'll prove it by saying things you don't understand, things that sound interesting, that have some kind of meaning, but WHAT? My god, he's so much savvier than the other dumb analysts, his cryptic whispers about gold, his anonymity, his anonymous friends. It's all so great to try to unravel. But what do you find when you unravel a ball of yarn?


3886 days ago
Beginning of the headline : I thought Blondie's excellentcommentwas just about good enough to be a post.And when RJ called it Sermon on the Mountmaterial, that tipped the scale.But be careful not to miss the forest for the trees, or the fractal for the chaos, because Blondie pretty much nails it.It's all in the view—the perspective... Read More
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