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>The extraordinary lack of coverage of Ron Paul  - Eric de Carbonnel - Market Skeptics
Eric...I would have entitled it, "The Extra-ordinarily Desperate Lack of Coverage of Ron Paul"...thanks for the article.

Those of us who know what Dr Paul is and has been talking about for decades now and are neither (or at least "no longer") brainwashed by the spin and propaganda, oh heck, the outright lies, spewed out by the MSM, nor have some personal agenda / bias outside of wanting to see this country drawn back from the brink of total transformation into a fascist, military-industrial, elitist banana "republic" police state can use (and have already used) this blatant abuse of and by the MSM and this desperate attempt to ignore the un-ignorable as a further resource for the purpose of pulling back the curtain and revealing what kind of arrogant megalomaniacal elitist scum exist behind it that not only considers itself the sole determiner of what the sheeple will see, hear, and believe, but has through its lies destroyed many Americans' ability to prepare (or even recognize the very need to be prepared) for the financial Armageddon that is surely to come to this country unless perhaps, God have mercy on us, Ron Paul could actually gain the presidency. That could happen ONLY if enough of the sheeple people awake from their stupor (partially created by the MSM) and finally understand what Dr Paul has been saying and warning them about for so long, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

Keep up the good work...jt

4185 days ago
Beginning of the headline : Is Ron Paul Getting the Coverage He Deserves? [NO] Nick Gillespie | August 17, 2011 Reason staffers Mike Riggs and Katherine Mangu-Ward were on the television yesterday to discuss the media’s response to what might be called "The Riddle of Ron Paul": Why do major newspapers, broadcast shows, and cable news outlets seem hell-bent on ignoring a 12-term GOP congressman who came in a tight second in the Iowa Straw Poll? Indeed, the results of that hokey quadrennial exercise in corn-dog politics was used to talk up Michelle Bachmann’s legitimacy... Read More
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