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>Is This The Final Parabolic Upswing? Comparison of Two Precious Metals Bull Markets  - Przemyslaw Radomski CFA - SunshineProfits
author is a douche-bag. Trite analysis focusing on a single ratio of the market - ignores hundreds of other factors- rampant printing, corruption, declines in mining, declines in silver stock, serious fear, power shift to East, Euro/US/World debt crisis. Bad stuff, be skeptical.

4167 days ago
Beginning of the headline : In a nutshell, this week we decided to provide you with the analysis of the previous bull market in the precious metals.The goal is to see how the current bull market compares with the previous one.After all, since history rhymes, looking at the analogy should provide us with clues as to what can happen next... Read More
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