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>State of the Union  - James Howard Kunstler - 
"... we'll discover the dark side of the "liberty" that so-called conservatives endlessly invoke, in all its screaming eagle iconography. ..."

Yep. And there will be opportunities the likes this nation hasn't seen since 1913 if gov't will just get out of the way.

Everyone, republicans/democrats and all others, will get the chance to become productive. It just might be your last chance before this old dog of an economy shakes off all the fleas.

Peak cheap oil is long gone. And don't count on shale oil to live up to its billing. Now factor in the fuel cost of transporting food, fuel and fools. Can you spell bicycle or hand-cart?

3584 days ago
Beginning of the headline :The fog of chatter about Federal Reserve money-printing shenanigans, currency wars, fiscal intransigence, exchange rates, and alphabetized rescue operations conceals the central reality of the historical moment: that all industrial economies now face epic contraction, even rip-roaring China in its absurd and spectacular bid to become the latest drive-in utopia. The so-called advanced nations of the world are all sliding toward something less than they wish to be, and the so-called developing nations will backslide further into poverty and anarchy where development will never happen... Read More
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