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ISIN : CA59012H1047
CA$ 0.225
02/27 16:55 -0.040
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0.260 0.245 0.220 0.250 184,000
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
 -  - - -  0.225 -2.17% -2.17%
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Explores for Gold - Lead - Zinc
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Last updated on : 3/2/2010
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Financings of Merrex Gold
5/28/2013 (Siribaya)Recent Developments at Fekola and Boto Very Encouraging for ...
5/22/2013 -Private Placement
6/10/2011 Closes $1,750,000 Private Placement With IAMGOLD
5/3/2011 Closes Private Placement with IAMGOLD
3/25/2011 Merrex Gold Private Placement
3/25/2011 Private Placement
11/26/2009 IAMGOLD Exercises Warrants
6/1/2009 Closes Oversubscribed Private Placement
12/23/2008 closed its Private Placement and Option Agreement with IAMGO...
7/16/2008 Exploration Update and Private Placement Withdrawn
6/13/2008 Announces $5 Million Private Placement of Units
Option Grants of Merrex Gold
6/6/2009 Grants Stock Options, Bonus Shares
Nominations of Merrex Gold
5/30/2008 Appoints Chief Financial Officer and Director of Finance
Project news of Merrex Gold
7/6/2016 (Siribaya)Diakha RC Drill Results including 70 metres averaging 1.55g/...
11/1/2013 (Siribaya)Siribaya Exploration Update
6/17/2013 (Siribaya)Drilling Starts at Siribaya, West Mali
4/24/2013 Releases Drill Results and Results of Annual and Special Mee...
3/25/2013 (Siribaya)Merrex Gold - Siribaya Project Update - Exploration to Conti...
3/25/2013 (Siribaya)-Siribaya Project Update-Exploration to Continue
10/4/2012 (Siribaya)Siribaya Gold Project 2013 Exploration Program Planning Unde...
6/19/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
6/12/2012 (Kakadian)Merrex Provides Exploration Update on 100% Owned Kakadian Pe...
5/30/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Siribaya Drilling Program Update
4/17/2012 Merrex Sells Fontana Interest and Secures Irish Zinc Permits
4/16/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
4/3/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Gold Siribaya Drilling Program Suspended
3/20/2012 (Siribaya)Latest Merrex News Release: Siribaya March 2012 Exploration ...
3/1/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Gold Intersects 9 Metres of 5.70 g/t Au in Siribaya R...
2/27/2012 (Siribaya)Siribaya Diamond Drill Program Update
1/11/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Announces 2012 Exploration Program for Siribaya
1/11/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex announces 2012 Siribaya exploration program
10/27/2011 (Siribaya)Siribaya Diamond Drill Program Update
9/13/2011 (Siribaya)Latest Merrex News Release: Diamond Drilling Update
9/13/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex Diamond Drilling Expands 1B Mineralized Zone
9/9/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex RC Drilling Update
8/26/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex Releases Bambadinka Trend Auger Drilling Update
8/10/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
7/11/2011 (Siribaya)Diamond Drilling Extends 1B Mineralized Zone and Outlines Pa...
5/30/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex RC Drill Program Expanded at Siribaya
5/18/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex Provides Siribaya Gold Project Exploration Update
5/8/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex Zone Bambadinka Update
5/5/2011 (Siribaya)Zone Bambadinka Drilling update
4/26/2011 (Siribaya)10,000 Metres Diamond Drilling Commences at Siribaya Gold Pr...
4/21/2011 (Siribaya)Diamond Drill Program Siribaya Gold Project
4/14/2011 (Hungry Hill)Sells Sutherlands Pond and Hungry Hill Properties, Newfoundl...
4/8/2011 (Kakadian)begins exploration on the Kakadian Permit, West Mali
4/6/2011 (Kakadian)Merrex Gold begins exploration on the Kakadian Permit, West ...
3/3/2011 (Siribaya)Merrex 10,000 Metre Diamond Drill Program for Siribaya Gold ...
3/3/2011 (Siribaya)10,000 Metre Diamond Drill Program for Siribaya Gold Project
1/21/2011 (Siribaya)Siribaya Gold Project Drilling Update
8/18/2010 (Siribaya)Siribaya Drilling Hits Extension of Zone 1A
7/15/2010 (Siribaya)Siribaya - Drilling Hits Zone 1B Two Kilometres South
2/16/2010 (Siribaya)20,000 Metre Drill Program
2/3/2010 (Siribaya)2010 Resource Increases Grade and Establishes Indicated Reso...
12/1/2009 (Siribaya)IAMGOLD Confirms 2010 Exploration Program
11/27/2009 (Siribaya)Airborne Identifies Extensive Structures Outside of Mega-Str...
11/19/2009 (Siribaya)Airborne Survey Confirms Strike Extension of Zone 1B
9/30/2009 (Jubilee)Modifies Jubilee LOI
9/16/2009 (Siribaya)Completes Siribaya Airborne Survey
6/24/2009 (Siribaya)Termite Mound Geochemical Survey Results Siribaya Gold Proje...
6/16/2009 (Siribaya)Commences Airborne Geophysical Survey at Siribaya
6/3/2009 (Siribaya)Launches 5,000 Metre Drill Program at Siribaya
2/24/2009 (Siribaya)Launches 2009 Siribaya Exploration Program
2/10/2009 (Siribaya)Resource Estimate Siribaya, Mali
12/18/2008 (Jubilee)Intersects 11.29% Zinc + Lead Over 11.65 Metres at Jubilee i...
9/23/2008 (Siribaya) Increases Ownership to 100% in Siribaya Gold Project
8/20/2008 (Siribaya)Intersects 5.52 g/t Gold over 24.5 Metres in Siribaya Drilli...
6/3/2008 (Jubilee)2008 Phase I Drilling Program Underway at Jubilee
5/27/2008 (Siribaya)Expands Drill Program at Siribaya
5/26/2008 (Siribaya) Commissions Resource Estimate - Expands Drill Program at Si...
Corporate news of Merrex Gold
7/27/2016 Merrex Gold Diakha 2016 Drill Program Update
7/6/2016 Diakha RC Drill Results including 70 metres averaging 1.55g/...
6/21/2016 Merrex Gold Financial Advisory Engagement
6/16/2016 Merrex Gold Closes Final Tranche of $3.5M Private Placement
6/9/2016 Private Placement Update
6/7/2016 Merrex Gold First Tranche of Private Placement Closed
6/6/2016 Merrex Gold Announces $3.5M Fully Subscribed Private Placeme...
5/3/2016 Shareholder Update for the 2016 US$3M Drill Program at the D...
4/24/2016 Shareholder Update for the 2016 US$3.2M Drill Program Update...
3/31/2016 2016 Drill Program Begins at the Diakha Deposit, Siribaya Go...
1/5/2016 Siribaya Structure Drilling and Grant of Stock Options
11/5/2015 Shareholder Update; Resource Estimate Underway at Diakha
9/21/2015 Diakha Diamond Drilling Results
4/20/2015 Diakha Drilling Update, Karita Exploration Progress and Priv...
4/14/2015 Private Placement Subscription Form
4/14/2015 Instructions and Examples for Completing Private Placement S...
4/7/2015 Diakha Drilling Update, Siribaya Gold Project
4/1/2015 Merrex Shareholders Approve IAMGOLD as 'Control Person', and...
3/25/2015 Merrex Secures Katita Permit, Guinea
2/27/2015 Final 2014 Phase III Diamond Drilling Results at Siribaya's ...
2/1/2015 US$3.8 Million Drill Program for Diakha Commenced, Maiden Re...
1/27/2015 Debt Settlement - Agreement in Principle
12/16/2014 Phase III Diamond Drilling at Diakha Discovery Zone
11/17/2014 Diakha Discovery Zone Future Exploration Designed for Maiden...
8/28/2014 IIROC Trading Resumption - MXI
8/27/2014 IIROC Trading Halt - MXI
5/2/2014 Option Grant to IR Consultants
3/18/2014 Drilling Operations Update for Siribaya Gold Project, West M...
11/20/2013 Karita Permit Guinea
11/4/2013 $1,500,000 Share Exchange Agreement
8/12/2013 Featured in Precious Metals Equity Research Report
6/17/2013 News Release
4/24/2013 News Release
3/25/2013 Latest Merrex Gold News Release
3/11/2013 Pope & Company Market Commentary on Merrex Gold
1/29/2013 Latest Merrex News Release
1/29/2013 (Siribaya)Merrex Gold-Siribaya Gold Project 2013 Exploration Program U...
1/28/2013 Exhibiting at Investing in African Mining Indaba
1/7/2013 President's Message to Shareholders
11/14/2012 Announces New Director
10/31/2012 Latest Merrex News Release
10/31/2012 (Siribaya)Releases Drill Results and Drilling Resumes at Siribaya Gold...
9/19/2012 (Siribaya)Files NI 43-101 Technical Report for Updated Resource Estima...
8/22/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Gold Inc. Releases Drill Results from Siribaya Gold P...
8/13/2012 Merrex Gold Corporate Update
7/30/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Releases Updated Resource Estimate for Siribaya Gold ...
7/3/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Drilling Resumes at Siribaya Gold Project
6/18/2012 Merrex Provides Corporate Update
6/5/2012 Results of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
5/10/2012 Pope & Company showcases Merrex in Recent Equity report
2/27/2012 Latest Merrex News Release
1/4/2012 (Siribaya)Merrex Gold Announces that IAMGOLD Siribaya Earn-in Conclude...
11/28/2011 attending Canada Day at Mines and Money London
10/26/2011 (Siribaya)Releases Additional Siribaya Diamond Drilling Results
10/12/2011 Engages Additional Independent Advisor
10/11/2011 Jay Taylor Interviews Greg Isenor, President & CEO of Merrex
9/22/2011 2011 Precious Metals Summit Presentation
9/14/2011 Merrex - Stock Options
8/31/2011 Merrex Engages Vicarage Capital for UK Investor Relations
8/5/2011 Jay Taylor Comments on Merrex in a Gold Report Interview
8/3/2011 Jay Taylor Interviews Greg Isenor, President & CEO of Merrex
7/19/2011 Merrex RC Drilling Continues to Extend 1A and 1B Mineralized...
4/12/2011 Launches New Website
8/5/2010 Taylor refreshes Merrex Gold buy
4/28/2010 Distribution of Frontline Shares as Reduction of Capital
4/9/2010 Urgent Notice to Warrantholders
1/4/2010 Closes Jubilee Zinc Sale and Acquires Control of Chrysos Cap...
10/28/2009 Concludes Contracts for Jubilee Sale, Chrysos Share Dividend
1/7/2010  Message from Greg Isenor, Merrex President & CEO
10/26/2009 Sign arrangement agreement
10/20/2009 Shareholder Update
12/31/2008 To Our Valued Shareholders
12/30/2008 Crackingstone River Option
12/12/2008 Executes Final Documentation with IAMGOLD
8/7/2008 Resignation of Director
5/30/2008 Merrex Gold Inc