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Maps Result
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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
IMOURARENAreva CiOwner66.65Mine development          Niger     354,062,393 lbs
ROSSINGEXTRACT RES.Owner100Feasibility          Namibia     348,700,751 lbs
NOLANS BOREARAFURA RES.Feasibility          Australia     Northern Territory293,567,548 lbs
ETANGOBANNERMANInterest80Feasibility          Namibia     212,797,010 lbs
VALENCIA URANIUMFORSYS METALSOwner100Feasibility          Namibia     102,991,150 lbs
LETLHAKANEA-CAP RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Botswana     97,532,505 lbs
MKUJU RIVERURANIUM ONEOwner100Feasibility          Tanzania     84,333,650 lbs
MICHELIN (UNDERGROUND)FRONTEER GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     Labrador83,026,529 lbs
CIGAR LAKECAMECOJoint venture50Mine Development          Canada     Saskatchewan73,427,163 lbs
CIGAR LAKEAreva CiJoint venture37.5Mine Development          Canada     Saskatchewan73,427,163 lbs
DORNODKHAN RES.Interest58Feasibility          Mongolia     67,129,877 lbs
KINTYRECAMECOJoint venture70Feasibility          Australia     Rudall National Park65,000,000 lbs
MILLENNIUMCAMECOInterest41.96Feasibility          Canada     56,561,247 lbs
MILLENNIUMAreva CiInterest27.94Feasibility          Canada     56,561,247 lbs
ROCA HONDASTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Feasibility          USA     New Mexico36,214,895 lbs
ROCA HONDAURANIUM RES.Feasibility          USA     New Mexico36,214,895 lbs
MIDWESTAreva CiOwner69.16Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan33,471,462 lbs
MIDWESTDENISON MINESInterest25.17Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan33,471,462 lbs
FOUR MILEHeathgate Res.Interest75Feasibility          Australia     South Australia31,812,704 lbs
FOUR MILEALLIANCE RES.Interest25Feasibility          Australia     South Australia31,812,704 lbs
MICHELIN (OPEN PIT)FRONTEER GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     Labrador21,397,185 lbs
MUTANGADENISON MINESOwner100Mine development          Zambia     20,743,912 lbs
CHURCH ROCKSTRATHMORE MIN.Owner100Care and Maintenance          USA     New Mexico17,586,211 lbs
SALAMANCA URANIUMBERKELEY RES.Feasibility          Spain     16,910,337 lbs
MICHELINPALADIN ENERGY LTDOwner100Mine development          Canada     Labrador16,157,679 lbs
BAHI PROJECTURANEXOwner100Mine development          Tanzania     15,313,309 lbs
MIDWEST - MAE ZONEAreva CiInterest69.16Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan10,486,949 lbs
MIDWEST - MAE ZONEDENISON MINESInterest25.17Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan10,486,949 lbs
KANYIKAGlobe Metals & MiningOwner100Feasibility          Malawi     10,335,271 lbs
LOST CREEKUR-ENERGYOwner100Mine development          USA     Wyoming10,317,634 lbs
GWABE (CHIRUNDU)ALBIDONInterest70Feasibility          Zambia     3,477,351 lbs
GWABE (CHIRUNDU)AFRICAN ENERGYInterest30Feasibility          Zambia     3,477,351 lbs
ENERGY QUEENENERGY FUELSOwner100Mine development          USA     Utah1,948,443 lbs
NICHOLSURANIUM ENERGYMine development          USA     Texas1,388,912 lbs
LAKE MAITLANDMEGA URANIUMInterest100Feasibility          Australia     25,574 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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