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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
Hyc Mcarthur RiverXSTRATA100Production          Australia     Northern Territory20,455,811,459 lbs
CANNINGTONBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     14,675,731,869 lbs
RAMPURA AGUCHAVEDANTA RES.Owner100Production          India     Rajastan5,036,239,917 lbs
BROKEN HILLCOEUR D'ALÈNEPurchasing Contract100Production          Australia     New South Wales4,659,584,552 lbs
BROKEN HILLPERILYA LTD.Owner100Production          Australia     New South Wales4,659,584,552 lbs
ENDEAVORCOEUR D'ALÈNEPurchasing Contract100Production          Australia     New south wales3,181,931,830 lbs
ENDEAVORCBH RES.Owner100Production          Australia     New south wales3,181,931,830 lbs
YING MINESILVERCORP METALSInterest77.5Production          China     Henan3,001,196,120 lbs
SAN CRISTOBALSUMITOMO METALOwner100Production          Bolivia     PotosiPotosi2,930,157,092 lbs
Mount Isa Lead Zinc SilverXSTRATA100Production          Australia     2,777,824,504 lbs
ZAWARVEDANTA RES.Owner100Production          India     rajastan2,756,660,126 lbs
LUCKY FRIDAYHECLA MININGOwner100Production          USA     IdahoSilver Valley2,325,557,416 lbs
CENTURYMinmetals100Production          Australia     Queensland1,685,213,503 lbs
MT ISA BLACK STARXSTRATAOwner100Production          Australia     Queensland1,440,500,421 lbs
MAGELLANIVERNIAOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia1,226,651,982 lbs
ZINKGRUVANLUNDIN MININGProduction          Sweden     1,081,166,814 lbs
ZINKGRUVANSILVER WHEATONJoint ventureProduction          Sweden     1,081,166,814 lbs
ROSEBERYMinmetals100Production          Australia     Tasmania1,015,890,077 lbs
KHANDIZAOXUS GOLDOwner85.8Production          Uzbekistan     Surkhandarya Province1,007,408,921 lbs
BROKEN HILL - POTOSIPERILYA LTD.Owner100Production          Australia     1,002,838,738 lbs
RAJPURA DARIBAVEDANTA RES.Owner100Production          India     Rajastan967,829,331 lbs
GREENS CREEKHECLA MININGOwner100Production          USA     Alaska854,023,625 lbs
GREENS CREEK MINERIO TINTO100Production          USA     643,375,020 lbs
MOCHITO MINEBREAKWATER RES.Owner100Production          Honduras     627,753,064 lbs
RED DOGTECKOwner100Production          USA     Alaska540,132,542 lbs
LA ENCANTADA SILVER MINEFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Production          Mexico     CoahuilaSierra Madre499,482,582 lbs
GOLDEN GROVEMinmetalsOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia434,994,090 lbs
KAYARVEDANTA RES.Owner100Production          India     Rajastan347,448,525 lbs
Cerro San PedroNEW GOLDOwner100Production          Mexico     Chihuahua325,111,952 lbs
MYRA FALLS MINE (H-W, LYNX, ET AL)BREAKWATER RES.Owner100Production          Canada     British columbia295,756,739 lbs
SAN MARTINFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Production          Mexico     Jalisco283,248,376 lbs
TLP MINESILVERCORP METALSInterest77.5Production          China     Henan269,184,422 lbs
COEUR MINEAMERICAS SILVEROwner100Production          USA     IdahoSilver Valley263,369,948 lbs
HPG MINESILVERCORP METALSInterest70Production          China     Henan240,660,771 lbs
SAN JOSÉ ZACATECASARIAN SILVERInterest100Production          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas209,218,687 lbs
NEVES CORVO - COPPERLUNDIN MININGOwner100Production          Portugal      Alentejo174,070,395 lbs
ANGASTERRAMINOwner100Production          Australia     156,872,127 lbs
LA PARRILLA SILVER MINEFIRST MAJESTICOwner100Production          Mexico     Durango153,441,735 lbs
KIDDXSTRATAOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario134,481,980 lbs
TOQUIBREAKWATER RES.Owner100Production          Chile     Region XI105,771,180 lbs
TOQUIROYAL GOLDProduction          Chile     Region XI105,771,180 lbs
SAN SEBASTIANHECLA MININGOwner100Production          Mexico     73,044,659 lbs
MONTANA TUNNELSProduction          USA     Montana71,247,219 lbs
SAN MATEOGOLDEN MINERALSOwner100Production          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre71,120,375 lbs
TOPIA MINEGREAT PANTHER SILVEROwner100Production          Mexico     Durango69,228,016 lbs
Cozamin BacisCAPSTONE MININGOwner100Production          Mexico     68,151,943 lbs
LA ENCANTADA (FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER)FIRST MAJESTICOwner100Production          Mexico     Coahuila De Zaragoza56,372,200 lbs
BROCKS CREEKCROCODILE GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Northern Territory53,197,543 lbs
QUE RIVER MINEBASS METALSOwner100Production          Australia     Tasmania52,993,175 lbs
NAICAPENOLESProduction          Mexico     Chihuahua46,462,162 lbs
PEND OREILLETECKOwner100Production          USA     Washington45,856,149 lbs
KENO HILL (BELLEKENO)ALEXCO RESOURCESOwner100Production          Canada     Yukon38,691,127 lbs
KENO HILL (BELLEKENO)SILVER WHEATONPurchasing Contract25Production          Canada     Yukon38,691,127 lbs
FRANCISCO I. MADEROPENOLESOwner100Production          Mexico     Zacatecas35,078,463 lbs
NUESTRA SENORASCORPIO MININGOwner100Production          Mexico     Sinaloa26,599,213 lbs
SCOTIA MINE -SELWYN RES.Owner100Production          Canada     25,317,886 lbs
SAN JUANESGOLDEN MINERALSOwner100Production          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre15,741,526 lbs
TIZAPAPENOLESOwner51Production          Mexico      Estado de México15,710,370 lbs
TIZAPADOWA MININGJoint venture39Production          Mexico      Estado de México15,710,370 lbs
TIZAPASUMITOMO METALJoint venture10Production          Mexico      Estado de México15,710,370 lbs
SABINASPENOLESOwner100Production          Mexico     Zacatecas15,442,799 lbs
SABINASFRESNILLOPurchasing ContractProduction          Mexico     Zacatecas15,442,799 lbs
LA CIENEGAPENOLES100Production          Mexico     Durango15,235,079 lbs
BRUNSWICK MINEXSTRATA100Production          Canada     New Brunswick14,379,400 lbs
WHIM CREEKVenturexOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia7,074,040 lbs
La Solucion MineOwner100Production          Bolivia     3,076,771 lbs
KIDD CREEK DIVISIONXSTRATA100Production          Canada     Ontario1,625,032 lbs
KIDD CREEK MINE (MINE D)XSTRATAOwner100Production          Canada     822,699 lbs
TARA MINE (NAVAN)Boliden MineralProduction          Ireland     401,241 lbs
LA NEGRAAURCANAOwner100Production          Mexico     351,858 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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