Brexit and Gold

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Published : June 25th, 2016
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Category : Gold and Silver

The gold move up $100 and $50 pullback on the Brexit vote is hard to understand and put together.

Supposedly, and commonly reported, gold is a safe haven, the exit vote was not expected, and so the uncertainty of the move drives people to gold.

Nope, nope, nope, that's how things might work, but I don't see that at all.

The EU is socialism; a dying socialist basket case. Britain getting out of that should mean they have to do less money printing to support the dying socialism, so the pound should have strengthened on the news. But it went down. What?

The pound should have become stronger, another safe haven, thus, there should be less demand for gold, the only true safe haven, and thus, gold should have gone down.

I can't imagine that a bunch of EU socialists saw Britain leaving, got scared, and decided to jump to gold. They are socialists. Thus, they are not only clueless, but hate gold by definition.

Who would have woken up and decided to buy gold? Gold buyers remain far below 1% of the population in monetary terms.

So, what is going on?

I see this as more market manipulations.

I see this gold move up, and the pound down, as nothing more than a tantrum by the Rothschilds. It seems to me that they are trying to send a signal to punish Britain for their vote.

I see the vote as both a win for less government and more capitalism.

However, there is a dark side. Why was this needed to be voted on at all? That there had to be a vote shows a colossal failure. If there could be a vote to exit, then can't there be a vote on it again in 5 years to re join? The vote was close. This means that the Rothschild Globalist Bankers simply have more propaganda to do to re-vote and win their cause.

There should not ever have to have been a vote on this. In systems of rights, people don't get to vote away rights. Nobody gets to vote on whether or not to torture little Timmy to death, because that's morally wrong no matter what. Nobody should be able to vote to take away gun rights, because the right of self defense is a self evident truth given by God pre existing for hundreds of years before the formation of the united States, not guaranteed nor protected by the Constitution, but only recognized by the Second Amendment.

Seen in those terms, the Brexit vote victory is a colossal failure. In California and in many states, the people voted overwhelmingly against the gay agenda; saying no to gay marriage. But these votes were overturned by the courts anyway.

How long will it be until some unelected judge is bribed in some court case to overturn the Brexit vote? What if it's some far away judge in an international court? How's that going to play out?

But I have more bad news from common sense every day insights that nobody mentions.

The United States is a secret member of the EU.

What is the point of the EU in the first place? It is this common currency thing, which basically means that the economically strong nations have to bail out the socialist weak nations by doing more money printing.

What happened in 2008? The Federal Reserve made hundreds of billions in loans to all the big banks across Europe who bought the failing home based backed bonds.

My point is that the money printing to support socialist spending has not stopped. In the long run, this makes gold and silver go up.

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