Daniel Ameduri: Financial Independence Is Not Normal – Don’t Be Normal

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Published : August 21st, 2019
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Once you learn that being poor, or said another way, financially dependent upon others for your income is “normal”, then you can do something about it. You can look around and see there is a way of being financially independent. It is not easy and, at times, it is scary as hell. The good news is – it’s yours.

There is nothing like being financially independent or so I hear. Personally, there are one or two more pieces to the puzzle that I need to get into place before I can claim financial independence.

Daniel Ameduri, Founder, Future Money Trends, and author of the newly released Don’t Save For Retirement has created financial independence for he and his family. Was it easy? No. Was a little luck involved? Yes. Luck is what happens when opportunity meets preparedness. Luck always shows up at this intersection – Every. Single. Time. Lots of sacrifice, sweat and love create preparedness.

I sat down with Daniel, who has been instrumental in the development of The Daily Coin, to discuss his new book and his outlook on the coming collapse and how to protect ourselves from the now inevitable economic shift.

We would like to encourage you read his book, apply the techniques describes and see what happens. I’m thinking a luck will show up in your life exactly like it has shown up in Daniels life. Don’t Save for Retirementhttp://www.futuremoneytrends.com/save


Daniel has been very good to me and the adventure that has wound through my life over the past 5+ years. We met, online, long before the launch of The Daily Coin but actually met face-to-face at the New Orleans Investment Conference in 2014. It was good time for one and all and if you ever get the chance to attend you should make the time. Lots of the people you know and follow their work are in attendance.

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