David Moadel: Fiat Currencies Will Drop 30-40% While Gold Continues Rising

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Published : September 19th, 2019
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Category : Gold and Silver

For the past couple of weeks we’ve been watching gold and silver gyrate around the charts like a stoned hippie at a Grateful Dead concert. Prior to that both metals were moving, steadily, consistently to higher ground. Then a drone bombing of one of the largest oil fields on planet earth in Saudi Arabia was quickly flowed by Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell stating the obvious – quarter percentage point drop in Fed Funds interest rates.

All of this has made for an interesting past few days but we are happy to report those particular storm clouds seem to be subsiding at the moment. I feel confident there will be other storm clouds to appear on the horizon before we fully digest the events of just this week. In the meanwhile, gold and silver have calmed down, taken their dancing shoes off and put on their hiking boots to get back to their steady, consistent move to higher ground. It’s not a steep climb, thank goodness, but it is uphill from here. Sure, both metals will be take a break from time to time as nothing moves up in a straight line. We would prefer not to see either metal moving north all the time as that wouldn’t be healthy either.

Let’s look at history 13 out of 15 of the worst months for the S&P500 going back to 1987 gold out performed the broader markets sometimes by as much as a 110bps.

And yeah, you said it, gold is having a pretty good year, it’s having a tremendous year. Gold is now trading near a six year high. It is at the highest point against many of the worlds currencies, just not the dollar. So, I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, with the dollar. Which will happen.

The dollar is trading at all time highs, this is not because the world trust America or anything like that. It’s because the “smart money”, the institutions, are de-risking. This creates a need for U.S. currency. It’s an artificial rise and it won’t sustain for very much longer. David Moadel ~The Daily Coin

I sat down with David Moadel, Portfolio Wealth Global, to get this take on what is happening right now and what he sees in coming months. I grateful we had this conversation as the timing couldn’t have been better. David has released a series of free reports covering what is happening with the Federal Reserve Note, interest rates, the instability of the global market and how gold and silver are beginning to sniff our the truth about the global economy. Needless to say the global economy is beginning to show the stress and strain of the past decade and the curtain is no longer large enough to hide all the rot.


Source : thedailycoin.org
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