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Gold Is Money…Now…Money Is Made of Physical Gold

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Published : July 13th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

Over the past several years there have been any number of attempts to bring physical gold to the people. The people, however, have not been too interested in the offerings. Most of the new offerings have been in the form of some type of digital gold, cryptocurrency backed by gold living in cyberspace on the blockchain. Most people see this as nothing more than another speculative bet on the latest and greatest cryptocurrency attempting to gain legitimacy. They are not working because they are not is use. If they worked people would be using them and there would be headlines about their use. Maybe if the people holding them pushed businesses to accept them, and the people holding these gold backed cryptos actually used them…more about this in a moment.

Today I just learned about a new form of money that can be used as currency, at least locally in Utah. Goldback is a paper currency infused with physical gold. This new currency, infused with money, just may work as the roots of the idea speak for themselves.

The most appropriate place to begin this history, I believe, is with an intense dream that I had back in early April of 2019. Like most people my dreams are forgotten shortly after I wake up, however, occasionally one will linger and this was one of the latter. In my dream I was at a grocery store and I was paying someone with what looked like Goldbacks. Each one had a different value and I was being given change in the same golden notes. The feeling of the exchange was that it was a normal thing. Various denominations of golden bills were being used as money. My business partners and I have been trying to make gold into a more functional money for years and this felt like an epiphany because I saw people using gold as a regular money. This fit into the vision, that anyone anywhere could use gold as their currency of choice. Source

When something manifest in the physical world out of the Spirit world those ideas have a long, long history of changing things. Will this idea, this manifestation, change the world? Only time will tell, but the foundation it stands upon is, literally, as good as gold.

24hGold - Gold Is Money…Now…Mo...

Above are not prototypes but actual currency infused with physical gold that are in circulation. Not only are these notes real money they have a surface large enough to support outstanding artwork. As long time readers know The Daily Coin is a huge fan of quality art and each of these notes we find amazingly beautiful. If for no other reason than their stunning beauty we will be adding some of these to our collection.

Is It Realistic To For Gold To Be Used As Money / Currency?

The main flaw with a gold standard or gold-backed currency is you need to trust the main central point meaning the bank that holds the gold. The thing that sets the Utah goldback apart is the holder of the bill holds the gold and since it’s such a new technology it is the first time in history we have a solution to many of those problems. Source

Returning to a gold standard has been discussed for a great many years with learned / studied voices both relish and abhor the idea. Thus far there has been no simple solution to reintroducing gold into everyday use as currency. With the IMF reclassifying gold to a Tier 1 asset, recognizing it as money, this should make it easier for business and government alike to reevaluate gold’s purpose as money and currency.

The Nuts and Bolts of How This “New” Money Works

Each 5 Utah Goldback Gold Note is available to you inside of a protective sleeve. These impressive, slim gold notes were produced with high-quality photographs and text featuring full-color design on the obverse. Each of the 5 Utah Goldback Gold Notes is an impressive 1/200 Troy oz of gold and is accepted as a local note for payment only in Utah for small transactions.

The Utah Legal Tender Act of 2011 recognized select types of gold as an acceptable currency within the state. It is up to individual vendors whether or not to accept the gold notes, but the small, incremental gold notes produced make it far easier for those who hold gold to actually spend it, conceivably, on anything from gas to groceries.

While the Utah Goldbacks are designed to offer a physical gold currency that retains value, the gold notes make an excellent purchase for anyone whether you live in Utah or not. At weights that include 1/20 oz, 1/40 oz, 1/100 oz, 1/200 oz, and 1/1000 oz, these gold notes exceed the affordability of even the smallest gold bars. Source (Acquire some for yourself!!)

We are going to order a couple of the 5 and 10 Utah Goldbacks and will be writing about them upon arrival. This may be the most exciting news about gold, physical gold money / currency in our life time. This idea should actually work and fits perfectly with the idea I presented many, many years ago  – Breaking Away From the System.

Until we begin using gold as a means of currency the Federal Reserve, the US Treasury and the deep state will continue laughing all the way to their rigged banking system as they continue to steal our wealth. When do break away from the system and take control of our destiny? We now have the ways and means to do so. We have cryptocurrencies and gold currency. What will it take for people to convert their business to accepting to gold notes and what will it take for people be begin using gold that is money?

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