Silver Update: Looking For Big Moves in Silver This Year – Chris Marcus

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Published : January 10th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

I sat down with Chris Marcus, Arcadia Economics, for another installment of our ongoing conversations around the metals markets.

In this latest update we are looking at the potential for 2020 based on what we have been reporting for the past several years. Both Chris and myself see the mining industry as being one of the more bullish components to a sustained climb for both gold and silver. If you have no product to dig out of the ground then you have no product to bring to market. The mergers that we have already witnessed, at the very top of the food chain, is only the first step in what will make up a number of mergers and acquisitions in 2020. Mining supply is reaching critical mass and by years end we should see major changes in the resource sector.

I’m eyeing 2020. Can I guarantee that we see an overrun of the manipulation this year? No. But at least when I look at things on a probability basis and having a background as an options trader, I’m starting to take some fliers on a big move at some point this year. We’ll see if that plays out. – I want to be clear. I’m not telling you silver’s going to $50 tomorrow. ~Chris Marcus, The Daily Coin

While Chris and I did not get into one of the larger issues that could blow the whole precious metals markets apart it doesn’t mean we are not aware of the situation and will be covering it in future conversations. The ongoing issues with the criminal activity by JPMorgan and the possibility of RICO charges being brought against JPMorgan could be a huge factor in 2020. We will be dedicating an entire show to this subject in the near future.

We believe the economy, both U.S. and global economies, are not doing well at all. We are continually told the economy is going great but we report, every. single. day. to the contrary of that narrative. If, and it’s a big if, the global economy turns around silver will be an in demand product. If this happens, combined with the mining shortages we see on the horizon, this could create a perfect storm. We don’t see the manufacturing demand bearing fruit in 2020, it could happen, but from our perspective it is unlikely. It doesn’t matter the mining situation is finally materializing and we are absolutely witnessing the beginning of real problems with the resource sector.

Bulk up and stack deep. This could be a banner year for silver and gold could come along for the ride!

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Rory Hall, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Coin, has written over 700 articles and produced more than 200 videos about the precious metals market, economic and monetary policies as well as geopolitical events since 1987. His articles have been published by Zerohedge, SHTFPlan, Sprott Money, GoldSilver and Silver Doctors, SGTReport, just to name a few. Rory has contributed daily to SGTReport since 2012. He has interviewed experts such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Marc Faber, Eric Sprott, Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff, to name but a few.
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