Touching Base, China, Trade, US Media, and The Roundtable

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Published : March 03rd, 2018
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US-China Trade War to Begin 8/14?

The media loves the word war. Everything is a war. The US Media’s consistent constipation of the brain / diarrhea of the mouth might be called a gastrointestinal war. Surely this is jest, but people have already quickly become desensitized many very important words. I will maintain my assertion of yesteryear – words mean things. 

I would contend that we have been involved in a cold-style trade war with China since before the initial posting. Now perhaps that war goes hot. We’ll see what the reaction is. Don’t forget that China is one of our major creditors. While I am always in favor of actions that put American companies on equal footing with their foreign counterparts, we now walk on a bed of eggshells of our own making with this ridiculous debt accumulation that has happened since the mid 1980s. Where it all leads we shall see. 

Some will quickly note the blog’s name change from ‘Extemporania’ to ‘The Roundtable’. We should all be thrilled (and I certainly am) that roughly a half dozen American teenagers are interested in the global goings on enough to spend their own time discussing it with me two afternoons each week. They are concerned about their future. If only the adults had as much moxie as these kids, things would not be in such disarray. Given their interest, we feel obligated to end our sabbatical and begin posting and writing once again. We are selling nothing, we ask for no money in exchange for this. It is a service to mankind. 

It is our hope that this cluster of interest turns into something of a movement. Young people flocked to Ron Paul and his ideas on civics and government. Perhaps we can re-ignite that flame, not behind men, but behind ideas, common sense, and truth. Graham and I will be releasing something for your perusal soon.

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Andrew W. Sutton, MBA received graduate honors in the field of Economics and is the Chief Market Strategist for Sutton & Associates, LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
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