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>Gold Daily and Silver Weekly Charts - They Just Could Not Resist - Jesse - Le Cafe Américain
Sir a lot of what you write. But gotta ask what exactly you mean by "The wiseguys just could not resist taking it back down into the close. lol." If they can do it that easily simply b/c they "could not resist," well then what if they really don't WANT to resist, what if they choose TO resist, what if they choose to REALLY resist?? What, 950? 900? 600? What are you saying? Don't get me wrong, I know who the "wiseguys" are and how much (nearly an infinite amount, since it's all created with a few keystrokes) "money" they can throw at any market...naked shorting has been made about as legal for the pro-fiat, anti-gold cartel as it can possibly be by those that should not be allowing it. But again, what does that mean for this nascent PM bull market? Can it really be completely quashed simply b/c these a hole wiseguys want to?...or what do you see happening over the next month or two? Thanks...

2521 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Gold and silver were higher most of the day, with gold selling off a little after the markets closed in Europe and Asia.  The wiseguys just could not resist taking it back down into the close.  lol. The handle on the potential cup and handle formation is not firmly set yet as gold failed to close over 1270, coupled with the initial weak retest of lower support in the early handle stages. Normally we would like to see a little arc, an interplay of buying and selling. This time it went straight... Read More
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