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>In the Deep Mid-Winter  - James Howard Kunstler - 
Looks like Trump is gonna go down "The Hard Way" ~ guilty of being way too greedy. I wonder what happens to Foreign Policy when the Domestic Uprising arrives on the doorstep ? Will Maduro or Assad be of any concern ? Where's that 21 trillion dollars ? You stir my imagination James.

387 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Ill winds sweep across the fruited plain in the cruel heart of winter. America can resolve nothing. The state-of-the-union is a kind of hysterical nausea, and the nation hunkers into its crib of toxic diverse identities waiting for history to bitch-slap it back on its feet. History’s big sister, Reality, stands by, witnessing all. Spring… is… coming…. Things break up in spring. Nature unlocks what was frozen. The bodies emerge from the melting ice and ripen. The air is electric and thunderbolts ... Read More
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